Slow fashion rules the fashion industry

Slow fashion - a term that "slowly" but surely begins to penetrate even into ordinary speech. Surely you have heard about this phenomenon, and if not, we will bring it a little closer to you now.

Slow X Fast fashion

Has it ever happened to you that you just went for a walk to the mall, got lost in the discount department of a popular fashion chain and saw a T-shirt for two dollars, which doesn't fit into your wardrobe at all, but you just can't leave it there for the money? And that's how you bought something you don't need. The T-shirt was cheap, but it is also quite likely to be of poor quality, it will soon cease to serve, fly into the basket and will be replaced by another top with a similar fate. In addition, you do not even know about this piece, who produced it and under what conditions, and what impact its production has on the environment. This short story, which we all know, describes how Fast fashion works.

Slow fashion, on the other hand, tries to fight this style of shopping. He doesn't want unnecessary, low-quality things to be bought unnecessarily, which don't even make you happy with the result. Proponents of slow fashion pay attention to the quality of products, select goods from local producers and are interested in who produced the goods and how. It is important that the product also has a better life - the substances from which it is made do not destroy the environment, it is sold at a fair price and it will keep you company for more than one season. If you have already served yours with you, thanks to its quality and honest workmanship, it can move to a new owner and continue to serve. It is a piece in the production of which everyone was honestly paid, their rights and the principles of good working conditions were not violated. And it also supports the local market.

So why is it better to buy a piece from a slow fashion brand?

When you buy goods that were made with a slow fashion approach, you can be sure that you will get a timeless fashion piece that will become your companion for a long time. You get quality or quantity, your closet won't crack in the seams, because of the clothes you only wear once or twice - we're not rich enough to buy cheap things. You buy the thing you really need and you really use. You will support local companies that strive for change and a fair approach, both to employees and to nature. Your wardrobe will be enriched with an original piece that someone just won't have. You will know where the goods come from and how they were made. And all this is worth it to you.

We joined the slow fashion movement, are you coming with us?

At Utopy, we said that if we create all our products honestly, with love and diligence, we would like them to stay with you as long as possible. We want our leggings to be so comfortable that you won't want to wear anything else, so it would be a shame if they didn't last anything and your favorite piece left you right away. We can't do that for you .. so our main pillar of the philosophy is slow fashion quality. You can also read other reasons why Utopy leggings are the best choice in a separate article Why Utopy leggings. We also know that we only have one planet, so we have to take care of it and it is not very pleasant to transport goods here and there, so we want to avoid it. It is also clear to us that a satisfied employee, who lacks nothing, works honestly, and this will be reflected in the products. So our seamstresses are with us like in cotton. Last but not least, our goal is to bring originality so that you can boast not only of the protection of nature and social standards, but also of designer clothing from Czech graphic artists. Don't you think that Slow fashion is at least worth considering?