Let's talk about SOTEX

The Czech brand Utopy is, as one of the few Czech companies, the holder of the SOTEX certificate, which falls under the international association GINETEX. What is it for and why do we have it?

About Sotex

At first a little professionally. SOTEX is an association of natural and legal persons operating in the field of textile, clothing and leather production and other related activities in the Czech Republic. The association also belongs to the International Association for Labeling Textiles with Care and Maintenance Symbols and is also the owner of the Guaranteed Quality mark. Products marked in this way comply with valid legal and technical regulations and are not harmful to health. The maintenance symbols are subject to protection based on the international registration of trademarks No. 849 319 and 849 320, which is provided in the Czech Republic by the Industrial Property Office.

The study shows that 70% of Europeans follow instructions for proper textile maintenance in the form of maintenance symbols.

So what exactly does it mean to be a Sotex certificate holder?

When a company joins Sotex, it acquires the right to use the licensed maintenance symbols. Their placement on the textile helps users to better orient themselves in the care of purchased clothes and thus prevent unwanted damage to the product. Currently, the appearance and order of the symbols used for marking is as follows:

And because we at Utopy want the best for you, we have given up sewn-on labels and we are printing symbols with labels directly on the fabric to ensure your complete comfort. Now you know what Sotex really is and where you can find it on our products.